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Monday, November 2, 2009

Alot members left the guild, :/
Sad, But nvms, the guild is still going to
Function properly,
Anyways, We hav got a new alliance,
Not gonna post alot abt them,
Since i also not very close wif them :X
Check this things out (see top picture xD) :X
LOL. Ken fucker rite?
Actually i also got contribute la LOLS.
Anyways going out nxt thurs :3 Gonna
Get more pictures for the guild blog. Hahaha :D

-All the best for suzuranhigh-

-I also nid some attention from you,
Why cant u just not treat me as a kor,
But as some1 tat is worth considering going out wif?
I cant use my blog to tell u this anymore.
Ands its suffocating to see u tok abt shenyang,
All the time, Hav you ever considered abt my
Feelings at all? What you tot u saw in me
Were all acts to tell u tat I'm "FINE".
My heart's breaking and I feel like dying..-

{/7:38 AM}
We Fight And Fight
To Graduate

Sunday, October 11, 2009

From left to right,
Ken, Jasy, Jackie,
Darren, Stanley(Jackie's rl di)
Thn dont noe the rest liao LOL.
The guy holding the carlsberg is Raymond.

Nice rite the cake? LOL.
Anyways the reason why we ytd nvr on,
is cause we all celebrating at Pasir Ris.
I noe u all heard in fm that,
Chromes say our guild sucks or wad.
As a matter of fact,
They are stealing members from,
Our guild, so if its you,
Would you get mad? Lols.
Think twice, SuzuranHigh
Is a guild tat Ken and Jack created de,
We also respect yr decisions if you leave,
But can you at least explain the reason?
Anyways, We will be having an alliance wif
TheCJ7 pretty soon I tink,

Try to understand how we feel,
Consult us if u hav any difficulties or,
Uneasiness. Try not to quarrel wif own
Post till here. :]

{/12:26 AM}
We Fight And Fight
To Graduate

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well.. Today Ken hosting scarlion
At nite.
Those interested pls, Just pm him.

According to Ken, Zen not
Gonna be active this days,
So the updating will be up to me,
The forum and blog are up,
Links are in the guild bbs.

Oh ya, kindly refer to the blog or forum
For any updates regarding boss hunts and stuff,
Btw if u happen to passby the blog,
Kindly tag and name who u are.

If there are any other questions,
Tat u wan clarification on,
U can tag it on the tagbox.
I will try to ans to them asap. :]

-Ken's having trouble wif forum stuff,
If any1 can help, pls whisper him as well.-


{/5:48 AM}
We Fight And Fight
To Graduate

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey guys! Zen here.

Please tell me what music you want to be put up.

Cheers! :D

{/6:24 AM}
We Fight And Fight
To Graduate

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ppl of Suzuran High.

{/8:16 AM}
We Fight And Fight
To Graduate